Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Fall of the House of Lancaster

A decade before Homeland Security published its report on the alien community in Strangetown, the Kingdom of Nostravilla was mired in a throne war.

King Benedict, of the House of Lancaster, a king beloved by all his subjects, fell suddenly ill and passed away with no clear heir. A bloody civil war seized the city-state, and was only ended when Ethan Steele married Karen Lancaster, the only daughter of King Benedict.

During the reign of Lancaster, the kingdom welcomed two alien immigrants, Brakka and Vala Zaxnu. However, before the throne war, scholars living near the University began being abducted by aliens and giving birth to alien babies. The newly enthroned King Ethan considered the aliens—and the scholars who bore them—a threat to kingdom security. Abducted scholars were fired from the university and alien offspring forbidden from attending the university. The scholars settled in the Students' Quarter, which soon became known as the "Alien Quarter".

The Zaxnus enjoyed privileged status during the reign of King Benedict for the technology they helped the kingdom develop, and King Ethan continued to offer the Zaxnus special protection. However, the Zaxnus' son, Ssarqo, a student at King Benedict University, resented his parents for collaborating with the House of Steele while he decreed laws restricting the rights of other scholars and their alien offspring. After graduation, Ssarqo moved to the Alien Quarter and pursued a career as a criminal mastermind, specializing in the illegal weapons trade.

Menawhile, Karen bore Ethan a son, William. William always took after his mother—Ethan wanted his heir to pursue a military career like his father, but he chose a life of scholarship. This led to his abduction. Ethan was enraged that his own son should betray the Kingdom with such a shameful manner, and demanded an abortion. William refused. Ethan disowned William, who moved to the Alien Quarter to raise his alien child.

The Kingdom of Nostravilla sits poised on the edge of civil war as a criminal mastermind, backed by a mafia of disaffected aliens, finds the heir to the throne living in his midst.

Sims 2: The Brolokoj Family

Miqail and Raqaila Brolokoj, two Brentish immigrants, settled in Strangetown to start a family and found a dynasty. Miqail, ever the tinkerer (and Knowledge sim), took a job as a scientist. Raqaila, however, a Family sim, entered into local politics to help build a better world for her children.

Raqaila soon discovered she had a knack for politics, and rose through the party ranks to be elected to Congress. However, she has one unique constituency: the aliens of Strangetown. The oldest is Pollination Technician #9 Smith, an alien biologist who came to Earth for retirement. However, Lola and Chloe Curious, daughters of Glarn Curious, have lived in Strangetown the longest as the result of Glarn's abduction. Abductions have been increasing in recent years. Pascal Curious gave "birth" to Tycho Curious after an abduction, and Vidcund bore Marie Curious.

This growing rate of alien abductions attracted the attention of the Pentagon and Homeland Security. Raqaila worked to defend the civil rights of her alien constituency as the government considered a number of questions:
  1. Are the abductions the opening salvo of an alien invasion?
  2. Do the alien children of abductees pose a threat?
    1. Would alien children adopt the culture of their human parents, or do they have some instinctual or telepathic loyalty to their alien parents?
  3. Does an alien community within the country pose a threat?
    1. Would a group of aliens in one geographic area assemble into a fifth column, whether telepathically or instinctually?
    2. If a group of human-cultured children have a telepathic connection, would they repudiate that culture in favor of the alien culture if enough alien-cultured individuals join the telepathic connection?

These sorts of homeland security concerns helped Raqaila's political opponents to prevent her re-election. However, Raqaila managed to protect her constituents' civil rights as Judge and eventually as Mayor of SimCity.